Why Do We Worship in the Afternoon?

Most congregations worship on Sunday morning. Why does Saint Patrick’s worship in the afternoon?

Here are four reasons why we worship in the afternoon:

  1. STEWARDSHIP: Apostles Anglican (our sister parish) has graciously invited us to share their space on Sunday and through the week. By having two parishes in one building we steward the resources of both churches better than being in two buildings. It also allows us to do a number of combined ministries and special worship services together throughout the year.
  2. SABBATH: Having church in the afternoon changes the rhythm of Sunday. Rather than getting up and rushing to get of the house for worship we can rest and spend time with the Lord, with family and catching our breath before ending the Lord’s Day with worship.
  3. ALTERNATIVE: Some people just can’t make it to church on Sunday mornings because of other important commitments. Afternoon worship creates a place and time for those in that situation.
  4. COMMUNITY: The central way we practice community is through Community Groups. Many of our groups meet two Sunday mornings a month for a relaxed time of brunch, Bible study and prayer. By doing this we avoid the challenge of rushing to and from our Community Groups at the end of the day during the middle of the week.

Is afternoon worship a new thing for you? Come and try it and see if it’s a fit!