What to Expect

What to Expect at Our Services

We know it can be daunting to visit a church for the first time. Our goal is to warmly welcome you and do everything we can to help you feel at home and learn all you want about Saint Patrick’s Church.

Our dress code is eclectic. Dress in the way you feel most comfortable for worship. Most worshippers wear casual clothes.

When you visit Saint Patrick’s, you will be greeted by our Welcome Team who serve at the Welcome Table just inside the doorway to our worship center. One of the team members will hand you a Worship Guide and a Weekly handout. These two items are what you need to join in or follow along in our worship. Our Worship Guide is unique in that it explains in detail what each part of our worship is and why we do it. (Follow this link for an example of our Worship Guide).

If you have Children, the Welcome Team will help you find our Nursery and/or explain to you where chidlren go for Children’s Church during the worship service. The Welcome Team will also direct you to the Sanctuary where we worship.

During the service you are free to participate to the degree you feel comfortable. If you are brand new to Anglican worship, you are welcome to sit and observe – no one will be offended.

After the beginning singing portion of our service, children are dismissed for Children’s Church. The pastor invites the Children’s Church teachers and all the children to come to the front of the church for a prayer. After the prayer the pastor dismisses the kids for Children’s Church and the teachers walk with them to the Children’s Church room. Parents are welcome to go along and help guide their children if they so desire. The children return to the worship service between the preaching and Holy Communion. If you prefer your children to stay in the service with you, they are welcome to do so.

Every week our worship is a mix of music, Bible reading, preaching, and prayer. In addition, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper every week. As Anglicans we welcome all baptized Christians to receive Holy Communion–one does not have to be an Anglican or a member of Saint Patrick’s Church. If you are not baptized or perhaps are not yet a follower of Jesus, you are welcome to remain in your seat if you prefer or come forward for a blessing. Every week we explain in detail how to participate in Holy Communion. Don’t worry, you won’t feel lost or left out. Baptized children are welcome to receive Communion at the discretion of their parents.

How We Worship as Anglicans

This short video from Christ Church Anglican in Plano, TX is an excellent introduction to how we worship as Anglicans.