News from Bishop Emmanuel

Date: 26th’ August 2015.

The Diocese of Kibungo is very thankful to God Almighty for the amazing works which have been accomplished in our parishes and local churches. In fact, a lot of things have been done since May as follows:

Since May 5th’ 2015, we have dedicated four new Church buildings for the following parishes: Rwamagana, Gahima, Gasetsa, and Ntaruka. We thank God for the completion of the new buildings of these parishes which are wider and beautiful. Kindly join us to thank God for those achievements in our Diocese for God’s glory.

From 6th to 9th August 2015, we had a SPIRITUAL CONFERENCE held at Cyasemakamba stadium at Ngoma District. More than a thousand people made it to the conference from our parishes and visitors from all provincial dioceses of Rwanda, Uganda, and Northern Ireland. We thank God for so many people dedicated their lives to Christ and all visitors and participants remained in good health during the course of the convention.

We also thank God for a good school opening at ITETERO CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, as they start the third term. All pupils and teachers came back safely and healthy as we have some teachers who come out of Rwanda from Uganda. God has protected them and now classes are going on very well.

As we thank God, we also have many other activities ahead which need much prayers:

Pastors Retreat in mid-September: Pray for the provision, facilitators and all pastors who will attend from their respective parishes.

Paving the Diocesan compound by January: We are praying for the equipment and financial capability to be able to pave the compound of the Diocese as it is required by the Rwandan Government.

Use of the new Office by January: We are praying to get the necessary office equipment and materials to start using our new offices by January 2016.

Sending 5 pastors to Theological College in October: We are planning to send 5 new pastors for further studies at Kabuga Theological College (KTC). We are praying for their tuition and success as well.

Ordination on 13th December, 2015: We will ordain Deacons and Pastors on 13th December, 2015. We are therefore praying for good preparations and a smooth running of the event. We are also praying for the preparatory retreat.

Dedication of two new church buildings on 29 November, and 3rd December: We are also praying for God to help us as we will be dedicating two new church buildings of Kigarama Parish and Kibimba Parish. Pray for completion of these two new buildings and the dedication events.

Diocesan Synod on 17th December, 2015: We are praying for a smooth run of the Synod, provision and logistic as well as the result and decisions to be taken during this Synod.

Pastors’ meeting on 3rd December/2015: We are praying for this meeting and all plans and decisions which will be taken. We are also praying for the supplies and the agenda.

Saving and Credit Association Program and Church and Community Mobilization Program: We are praying for more people to join our saving and credit associations and more families to get involved into CCMP program. These 2 programs enhance standards of livings and create self sustainability.


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