What are Community Groups?


Our mission is making disciples through worship, community, formation and mission. One of our central activities for disciplemaking is Community Groups.

How do Community Groups help us make disciples?

One of the easiest errors to make about growing as a disciple is that it is essentially about learning more and more content. As important as content is, what’s more important is Christ centered relationships.

There are two key reasons why Christ centered relationships are central. First, in disciplemaking more is caught than is taught. We learn as we grow in friendship and model for one another  how to live as disciples. We all need a place where we can practice imitating Christ as we imitate each other. (1 Corinthians 11:1). Over the long haul, who we relate to has more influence on our ability to live as fully devoted disciples than the amount of doctrine we have memorized.

The other reason Christ centered relationships are central is because growing as a disciple is not a linear process. There is no cookie cutter pattern the Holy Spirit follows as he works with each of us. Each journey is unique and personal. Yet, no one can make the journey alone. Everyone needs a place of love, support, connection and even accountability to grow as a disciple. We need a group of other disciples who come alongside and walk with us through the challenging seasons of spiritual growth.

This is why we have Community Groups.

We do three things at Community Groups: Eat, Pray and Discuss Scripture. Download the COMMUNITY GROUPS GUIDE for detailed information about Community Groups.

Email the parish at [email protected] to learn more about Community Groups.