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Beginning May 22nd, we can meet together in person in groups of 10 or less – with restrictions. This is great news. Let’s get together within the restrictions! This means we can get together to catch up and re-connect. We can get out a little and see each other face to face. Community Groups. Prayer Groups. We will not be back to the old normal in one Sunday or in one gathering. Rebuilding our common life will happen in phases. We can be patient and act wisely and trust the Holy Spirit to be working among us. We ask that you keep these guidelines through June 15 and then we will reevaluate.

How to Participate…

  • Gatherings of 10 persons or fewer
  • Outside meeting only
  • Practice 6ft. social distancing
  • Wear masks (you can take them off once you are settled into place)
  • Bring your own chair
  • Bring your own drink/snack

When NOT to Participate…

  • You are sick or have a fever
  • You are in a high risk group with physical challenges such as heart, lung, kidney conditions
  • You are not ready or feel safe for whatever reason to participate

We are sharing Holy Communion on Pentecost Sunday! Our temporary bishop +Grant LeMarquand has granted permission to all the churches of our diocese to pre-consecrate wafers so all of our households can receive in one kind during online worship. Here is what we are asking everyone to do.
• Place a container in the trunk or in the rear of your vehicle.
• Between 1-3 p.m. (note time change from previous announcement) on Sunday May 24 (Ascension Sunday), drive to Apostles. Open your trunk or rear door and one of the clergy will place the protectively packaged consecrated wafers in the container.
• Detailed instructions about how to reserve and receive the sacrament will be with the packaged elements.
• For everyone’s safety, clergy will be gloved and masked when packaging the consecrated wafers, as well as when distributing the wafers on the 24th.
• If you cannot drive to the church to pick up your wafers, please contact one of the clergy.

Join us for combined online worship with Apostles Anglican Church, Sundays, 10 a.m. at Resources for worship attached to this email.

Since we are not holding public worship we are not receiving an offering every Sunday. Because of that we are asking everyone to give online. Follow this link: We ask that if you are at all able to please give in this way. This will enable us to not have to physically deposit checks at the bank, leave no lag in making deposits and track our giving more easily during this time. However, if it is impossible for you to give online you may mail your regular giving check to:
Saint Patrick’s Anglican Church
3425 Tisdale Drive
Lexington, KY 40503

We have been living in the grip of Covid 19 for almost 2 months. Most of us are probably long past ready for this to be over…but it’s not…and it’s unclear when it will be. For many of us, life has taken on a surreal quality as the restrictions that are necessary for the health and welfare of many rob us of the freedoms to which we are accustomed. Grief is a common thread running through many of the conversations I’ve been having. Some are grieving the loss of a loved one to this disease. Others are grieving the loss of freedom to be with friends and family, to go where they please when they please. It is sad to go to the grocery store and see so many empty shelves when we are used to having variety and supply. Being out of work is a source of grief from several perspectives. And those who are still employed–especially in the healthcare arena–may be experiencing grief underneath the burden of keeping up with work.If you find yourself experiencing denial, anger, bargaining, or depression, you may be dealing with grief. Fr. Pete and Dcn. Andee would be happy to talk with you if you would find that helpful. Contact Andee at 859-421-2560 or [email protected] Contact Pete at 859-227-9728 or [email protected] Also – a reminder that Dcn. Andee has training and experience in helping people listen to the Lord and discern what he is doing on one’s life. She would love to sit with anyone and offer this ministry.