Discovery Study

One of the most simple and fruitful methods of Bible Study anyone can use is Discovery Study.

It is a set of simple questions that can be used with any passage of the Bible, can be led by anyone and works with anyone old enough to understand a Bible story or passage and talk about it. You go through a book of the Bible one passage at a time. You read a passage (no more than a chapter but often less than that), ask the questions one at time and everyone answers. There are no right or wrong answers. The tool is designed to help everyone engage the content of a passage and apply to their lives.

Here are the questions:

1. What do you like about this story/passage? (You can also ask – What do you not like about this story/passage?)
2. What can this story/passage teach us about God?
3. What can this story/passage teach us about people?
4. What is Jesus telling me to do in this story/passage?

Here are some ways to use discovery Study.

1. For Personal Bible Study – Perhaps you want to read through a book of the Bible a passage at a time. You can answer these questions in a notebook as a way to study the Bible.
2. For Household Discipleship – Perhaps you want to read the Bible after supper with your spouse or spouse and children. These are great conversation questions to use with the passage you read. Anyone who is old to have a conversation (even a very simple conversation) can answer these questions.
3. For Small Groups – This is a great method for organizing a small group. For example, maybe you want to build an online group of three to four folks and go through the Gospel of Matthew (or another book of the Bible) a passage a time asking these questions.

Here is a 1/2 sheet document with the Discovery Study questions Discovery Study 

PS – If you are curious, this method was designed and developed on the mission field in the 1960s as a way to train anyone to study the Bible and disciple others through studying the Bible in small groups. It is used all of over the world and has a proven track record for disciplemaking. It’s purposely designed to easily train anyone to lead a Bible Study. It’s simple, transferable and highly fruitful.