Community Groups

Jesus has a purpose for you and me: to be fully mature disciples (Matthew 28:16-20)

Intuition says discipleship is a linear process. That seems right, but the truth is different. While there are a set of important things that every disciple needs to learn at the beginning of their journey, there is not a cookie cutter method for making disciples. Each of us is different. A better way of envisioning how growing as a disciple works is to think in terms of regularly engaging in practices that bring us to Jesus so that he can work in us at the place of our greatest need.

Another thing about growing as a disciple is that we cannot do it alone. We need other Christ followers to encourage us, support us and sometimes even challenge us as we grow to be fully mature disciples of Jesus (Hebrews 10:24-25).

Because discipleship isn’t linear and because we cannot grow as disciples alone, we need a place where we can intersect with other Christians grow, serve and belong.  That’s why Saint Patrick’s has Community Groups.

What is a Community Group?

A Community Group is a cluster of people who meet for 8-9 weeks each semester (Fall and Winter/Spring) to do 4 things:

  • Eat: Whether it’s simple refreshments or a potluck meal, each group shares a time of informal friendship and fellowship around food.
  • Share: Group members update the group on what has been happening since the last CG meeting and share prayer requests.
  • Pray: During the group meeting a time of prayer happens which includes praying for each other’s requests.
  • Study: Each group studies a discipleship topic each semester designed to help the group members grow as disciples of Jesus.
When & Where Do Community Groups Meet?

Community Groups can meet anywhere that is most convenient for the group: a home. a coffee shop. a restaurant, the park, etc.

What is the Makeup of Community Groups?

There is no single pattern for how a group is made up. It can be mixed, all men or all women, depending on how the Lord leads the Community Group leader to form the group.

How Do I Join a Community Group?

Are you interested in joining a Community Group? Contact the parish by using the form below to indicate your interest or to ask any questions you might have.

Request More Information on Community Groups

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