Children's Ministry FAQs

Where are the Nursery and Children’s Church Rooms?

At the far end of the foyer is a set of double doors with sign labeled Children’s Ministry setting in front on an easel. Go through these doors and then to the right down the hallway. Children’s Church happens in the first classroom on the left. Nursery is in the first classroom on the right; You may also ask any clergy person or Welcome Table Minister for assistance in locating these rooms.

What happens if my child needs me while I am in the sanctuary?

We ask parents of babies and young toddlers to leave a mobile number. If you are needed you will be texted so you can go to the nursery and attend to any needs. If your child is in Toddler or Children’s Church one of the classroom leaders will come and get you from the sanctuary or bring your child to you.

Do I need to bring diapers and a change of clothes for my baby?

Yes. We ask that Nursery parents bring a diaper bag with a change of clothes and diaper along with changing supplies to leave with their child in the Nursery.

When do my children go to Children’s Church?

After the opening music and prayer, our pastor invites the children to the front along with the Children’s Church teacher. After a prayer, the kids are dismissed to go to Children’s Church with their teacher. Children return before Holy Communion.

Are children allowed to receive Holy Communion?

All baptized persons no matter what age are free to receive Holy Communion. Baptized children are invited to receive at the discretion of their parents.

Does Saint Patrick’s have Middle School and High School Ministry?

Not Yet. As God grows our parish we believe he will add middle school and high school students. Once this group is large enough, we will build ministries to meet the important needs of young people this age.

What about Confirmation for Teens?

We encourage parents of middle and high school students to guide their children toward confirmation. Confirmation is a rite that happens after baptism where a young person publicly professes his or her faith in Christ. For those baptized as babies it completes the baptism process. In preparation for confirmation, we periodically offer a nine month class for teens to explore what it means to be a Christian and how to live as a disciple of Jesus.